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Where should I buy musical instruments online ?

25 Dec 2016
Buy Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are most of the time expensive, especially when sold in speciality stores. It is possible to buy instruments at a good price from stores or individuals. These are more and more options for people who want to rent or buy instruments thanks to the internet. 

These are three main options when you want to buy musical instruments online. Each of them has pros and cons that we will set out here:

Online speciality stores

These are many stores online which sell instruments. We have checked several online speciality stores and it appeared that they are not cheaper than physical stores. There are other serious shortcomings regarding shipping. Shipping services are not always available for all the countries. For instance, if you want to order a piano, you can get such a message: " This item cannot be shipped to your country because it exceeds the weight or size limit for international shipments." Moreover, shipping services are often paid services. In the end, in many cases, you will pay more when buying instruments via online speciality stores.

Nevertheless, some websites allow you to rent the instrument beforehand and to buy it afterwards. Plus, these are some online stores who can ship you the instrument for free if you do not live too far.

Classified websites

Another choice that you have for buying instruments online is classified sites. Classified sites often have an "instruments for sale" category which enables you to purchase instruments from stores or individuals. Unfortunately, the instruments that you want are not forcibly for sale on these websites when you are ready to pay for it. And when you find the instrument that you want it is not forcibly sold by somebody who leaves next to you. As a consequence, you will have to organise the shipping with the seller, and you might not want this hassle.

.Gollgi: the best option

 On Gollgi, we match you with individuals and competitive speciality stores in your area who are willing to sell you instruments at fair prices. You can buy musical instruments easily on our platform after sending a request with few essential details about the instruments that you need. You will receive a list of instruments for sale in addition to quotes from people who live next to you. Contrary to other websites, on Gollgi you can negotiate with the sellers via a live chat and you can filter them according to their location. As we match you with people who live next to you, you will be able to test the instrument and to buy it only after checking its quality.