Used Cars For Sale

Where is the best place to put used cars for sale online ?

25 Dec 2016
Used Cars For Sale

These are several places in which you can publish an advertisement for a car. If you want to increase your chance to sell your car, online you can publish announcements in several classifieds ads websites, but keep in mind that when you post on these websites, the prospect of success lies first and foremost with you.

Why should you place a bid for your car on Gollgi?

  • For selling your vehicle you can post your car ad on a classified ads website but these are many drawbacks with this kind of sites. First of all, you have to go local when you want to sell your car in a short time however most of the classified ads websites are global and overwhelmed by tonnes of announcements. The majority of classified ads sites are popular in their country of origin only. Moreover, buyers are sometimes tired of browsing many pages to find relevant car ads for them. The odds that the buyer of your car will be from another city are very low; this is the reason why you should always give priority to local classified ads websites or relevant trade websites with city filters such as Gollgi.
  • On Gollgi, users publish used cars for sale. Indeed, we enable you to fill a bid for your vehicle that is sent to potential buyers in your area. This way we increase your chances to find a buyer quickly as we give priority to relevance. We send your offer to people who are very likely to buy from you. Only interested and relevant buyers will contact you back; thus you can concentrate on pertinent replies. With us, you also avoid receiving unsolicited services or offers.
  • Instead of posting on a website which limits the running time of your car ad, you can send automatically your bid on our website to potential buyers who can review your offer at any time. The potential buyers receive a message in their back office and their email box.
  • Save money by running your car ad on Gollgi. On Gollgi you pay only 0,50 USD, and you can reach thousands of potential buyers with our platform. When you sell via Gollgi, you do not have to worry about the exposure of your ad. On typical ads classified websites your ad is limited in time and your ad can be lost within the tonnes of announcements posted, this is not the case on Gollgi. Moreover, the running time of your ad is often limited, and new ads quickly hide your advertisement. On Gollgi, your offer is sent right to the inbox of the potential buyers. Try it.