local plumbers

Where can I find a complete list of local plumbers ?

25 Dec 2016
local plumbers

It is very difficult to find a complete list of local plumbers online. Not all the working plumbers are certified and directories can give you a hard time when you want to find the most exhaustive list of plumbing and heating professionals.

Why is it so hard to find a complete list of local plumbers?

  • Not all the plumbers are listed by your local authorities

The fact that these professionals are not all licensed and/or insured (some of them are handymen who only make minor plumbing repairs) does not explain why your local plumbers are not all listed on a single website. These are other reasons which explain why it is so hard to find a complete list of plumbing experts.

  • Not all the plumbers own a website

First of all, some local plumbers do not have enough financial resources to manage and promote a website. For this reason, their exposure is almost non-existent on the internet and because of that, you can miss some interesting offers from competent professionals. 

However, even the lucky plumbers who have a website are not listed in all the directories for your city. Moreover, even when your local plumbers have a website they are not forcibly ranked properly by search engines such as Google. As a consequence, you are often forced to browse many pages to find local plumbing professionals even if your query did include the relevant keywords. Let's be honest, the results of the search engines are not always relevant and some good plumbers are hidden by websites that do not promote plumbing professionals. You probably have already looked for a plumber in your city and found general articles on the first pages of the results instead of websites of plumbers. It can be annoying when you need straightforward results.

  • Typical search engines do not list local plumbers

Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo do not provide complete lists of local plumbers. This is why business intelligence companies offer this service but as you know it is not free.

On Gollgi, we allow you to find the most exhaustive lists of plumbers in your area thanks to our revolutionary and straightforward search engines. We enhance the exposure of the tradesmen of your city and display relevant results in order to provide you with quotes for plumbing services.

As we are constantly growing, the lists of professionals that we provide are more and more complete. Thanks to our technology and to the information sharing within our community we outstrip typical search engines and classified ads websites as regards the relevance of the results when you look for quotes.