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Where and how can I sell my furniture online ?

25 Dec 2016
buy furniture

If you have bought some new furniture for your home recently, you might want to get rid of some old furnishings. Posting on classified ads websites can be costly since the fees for posting can be similar or almost analogous to the online value of the furniture you are trying to sell.
It is quite easy to buy furniture online, but selling is a far more complicated task.

Here are our tips to increase your chances to sell your furniture online:

    • Add clear pictures to your ads and offers. It is perhaps obvious, but many sellers forget to add a picture or a description of the pieces of furniture they are trying to sell. You have far more chances to sell your furniture if you add a clear picture and a fair description.
    • Check ads for furniture to see how much you can expect to receive. Sometimes it is difficult to figure out how much you can get from your second-hand furniture. Browsing ads similar to yours can help out to set an attractive and fair price.
    • Bid on websites. In some websites, you can make offers to buyers and receive answers from them. This can be interesting if you are open to negotiation. On Gollgi, we give you this possibility.
    • Use social media to sell your furniture. You can also organise an auction event at home with the help of social media. For instance, you can create an event via Facebook and from there you can invite friends and friends of friends. Many people manage to sell their old furniture this way.
    • Handle the transportation of the furniture. Many people are reluctant to buy furniture from individuals because in this case, the prices do not include the transportation costs of the furniture. If you have a way to deliver the furniture to buyers you will probably receive more replies to your offer.

With Gollgi, we match you with people who need furniture. Our shopping search engine enables you to find potential buyers who live in your area in a few clicks. Our platform multiplies your chances to sell your furniture quickly. It's simple ! Get registered, put a bid and wait for replies. You will be notified via your inbox or via email.