efficient recruitment agency

What makes an efficient recruitment agency ?

25 Dec 2016
efficient recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies are often criticised by their customers who sometimes have a hard time when it comes to finding new employees. Mass-job posting agencies are most of the times the most inefficient agencies because they bring a lot of unsuitable candidates and as a matter of fact they make you lose your time. In order to find an efficient recruitment agency, you will have to take several parameters into account.

Which recruitment agency should you hire? How can I choose the right recruitment agency?

1.Use the services of an agency which is specialised in your field.

Do not knock at the door of large agencies only, especially if you are involved in the B2B business. You should always opt for recruiters that are specialised in one or two sectors. These agencies are most of the time more efficient than the others. Recruiters that are specialised in your sector know better the situation of your market. Moreover, the employees of these agencies know exactly what are the requirements for your particular field. These agencies also own lists of candidates that have found work thanks to their services and who are perhaps looking for a new job.

2. Hire a recruitment agency that goes social

Recruitment agencies that are very active on social media can bring you very interesting employees. Many recruiters know how to spot fitting candidates on Facebook groups or forums for instance. As we explained before in another article, social media are becoming good places to find employees.  

3. Register as a candidate to see how professional agencies are

You can put yourself in the shoes of job seekers to assess if a recruitment agency is professional enough. Some recruiters do not even contact new job seekers that registered to their website. They only send them automatic messages and sometimes they forward job advertisements that have no link with the background of the recipient. You should avoid this kind of agencies. 

4. Check reviews and ask around

It is the most important thing that you should do to choose a good recruitment agency. You should always check reviews before opting for a recruitment agency. Some people do not hesitate to give their opinion about services, and you'd better read them to make up your mind. On Gollgi, we allow you to write reviews for each product and service that you paid for in order to help the others. This way we help all Gollgi users to make the right choices.