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Things you should not do when you've lost your data

25 Dec 2016
data recovery company

 When you lose the data of any of your device it can be critical for your company. You can lose clients and contracts because of such a loss. This is why you should always backup your data beforehand to avoid pitfalls. Nevertheless, sometimes you will not be able to recover your data with a simple data recovery software. Indeed, sometimes hiring a professional is mandatory. 


1. Turn off the device whatever it is (desk computer, laptop, tablet, USB key, external hard drive...)

When you have lost the data of a device, the first thing that you should do is turning off the device. When you leave the device turned on you can further damage it. 


2. Do not try to fix your faulty hard drive alone 

If the problem of your hard drive is mechanical, do not try to fix it alone. It is a complicated and sensitive work that can damage a bit more your hard drive. If you still want to try it yourself, you can check tutorials online. However, you have to bear in mind that it is dangerous since you might fail to recover your data and at the end, you will make the work of the data recovery company more complicated. Tutorials always look easy but instructions are not that easy to put into practice. Do not also forget that tutorials online are in most of the cases posted by professionals who actually promote their companies. If you have critical irreplaceable data, do not attempt to fix the problem by yourself given that chances of success are very slim.

 3. Do not give the work to an amateur

If you know a "geek" that says it can do the work be careful. If this person is not a certified expert, you have no guarantee that they will be able to do the work. Data recovery is a highly intricate work that should be given to experts only, especially if the data that you want to recover are sensitive. Moreover, IT service providers who are not specialised in data recovery and who simply use software recovery tools can lose your data permanently or provocate hard drive failures. As a matter of fact, we recommend referring to companies specialised in data recovery for the retrieval of sensitive data.

4. Do not hire a drive saver without a no-data no-fee policy

Do not give your device to a company that charges money even if they do not succeed to recover your data. Most of the drive savers do not charge fees when they fail to retrieve the data of the device given to them. If you cannot get this guarantee from a company you should not use its services. On Gollgi, we have plenty of companies that can help you with your data recovering and who offer no-data no-fees deals. In the majority of the cases they succeed to retrieve the lost data, so if you run a business, you should definitely opt for this option.