rent a duplex

Should I rent a duplex or a house ?

25 Dec 2016
rent a duplex

Duplexes are considered by many people as luxury apartments. However, duplex apartments are basically shared houses with split living areas or just two-level apartments, as a consequence this kind of apartments is not forcibly more expensive than standard apartments. Let's check the pros and the cons of a flat on two floors (maisonette) vs the pros and the cons of a house. 

The pros and the cons of a house 

Houses have definitely some certain advantages. First of all, houses provide the intimacy and the comfort that we all need. Beyond of that, houses are most of the time more spacious than apartments. Houses provide you sometimes green spaces that you cannot have with apartments. Indeed, some houses are equipped with attics, garages, individual gardens ( this can be great if you have children or if you have a special attraction for gardening). However, renting a house has also disadvantages. Utility bills are most of the time more expensive when you live in a house. It also takes more time to clean a house and unfortunately, homes are sometimes less secure than duplexes. You have more chances to be robbed if you live in a house for instance.

The pros and cons of a duplex

If you are into cosy apartments, a duplex for rent can be the appropriate choice for you. Maisonettes can give the feeling of living in a real house. There is a huge demand for duplex flats given that this kind of apartments can be found for prices similar to standard apartments. Moreover, it is trendy nowadays to rent duplexes or triplexes. In a flat, you and your belongings are most of the time more secure given that it is easier to rob a house. However, duplex apartments with a mezzanine can be very uncomfortable for tall people since mezzanine floors are always very close to the ceiling. Plus, duplexes do not provide the intimacy that you get with a house. When you live in a duplex, you are also surrounded by noise, neighbours (sometimes pleasant, sometimes rowdy and annoying). You have more chances to suffer from the noise made by rowdy neighbours when you live in a duplex, but that does not mean that you will live forcibly in a silent and peaceful environment if you live in a house (especially if it is a terraced one).

In the end, choosing between a home or a duplex is all about personal preferences. We have checked many announcements for duplex apartments or houses for rent in the UK, and it appears that these are no significant price differences between both (although these are fewer duplexes for rent than houses for rent). However, detached houses are still more expensive than maisonettes. If living in a silent place is important for you, you might prefer renting a detached house. If the number of storages areas in your home is important for you, you should also rent a house. But, if you like modern and trendy places you will probably prefer living in a duplex. In any case, you should always check the neighborhoud before renting a place. Knocking at the door of your future neighbours can be a good way to figure out if a specific place will fit your requirements.