Van rental

Should I opt for a truck or a van rental for my removal ?

25 Dec 2016
Van rental

A van can be perfect for small-scale removals. Many people overestimate the size of the vehicle that they need for their removals. It is a pity because it is possible to curb moving expenses by choosing a smaller vehicle wich provides enough capacity for your belongings. You will hardly need a huge truck for your removal except if you live in a big house and if you cannot make several trips to take all your belongings. Instead of renting a heavy vehicle you can settle for a van if you have few things to move. But what are few things? Let's consider the size of your apartment to answer the questions.

How can I calculate the space requirement of my belongings?

For studios

Many people seem to have difficulties to figure out which vehicle can receive all their belongings. First of all, if you live in a studio apartment, a 3 cubic feet van will be enough for your removal. If you are a roommate in a 3 or 4 rooms apartment, a 3 cubic feet van will do it also. You can also make two trips with the van if you are moving to a place which is not far from the house you are about to leave.

For apartments

If you are moving from an apartment, in most of the cases you will hardly need more than a 3.5-tonne van. This vehicle fits for most of the removals. 

For houses and heavy furniture

A 7.5 van will be needed if you live in a house and if you have to move with all your family. You'd better rent a 7,5 van or a huge truck if you cannot make 2 for 3 trips for your removal or if you have a garden and a loaded shed.

How to get the cheapest van rental

Figuring out which vehicle you will need for your removal can help you save money. As we said before, people tend to overestimate the size of the vehicle that they need. Fortunately, these are ways to calculate the space that you will need for your belongings. Indeed, you can use a removals size calculator to receive a sharper idea of the van you will have to rent for your removal.

You can also ask movers to estimate for you which kind of vehicle you will need for your removal. Many movers are willing to give tips to potential clients so you should definitely contact them. In many cases, these are also removals size calculators on movers' websites. 

Compare the offers of van rental companies online.  If you are willing to carry out the removal by yourself, you can rent your van from a rental company or an individual. You just have to compare the offers and to choose the best deal.

Book early. You will have more chances to find a good deal if you book at least one week before the day of the removal.