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Should I buy an acoustic piano or a digital piano ?

25 Dec 2016
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The acoustic piano versus digital piano is a heated debate. If you ask classical pianists what they prefer, they will probably tell you that they hate digital pianos. Many pianists are reluctant to use digital pianos for several reasons that we will explain in this article. Nevertheless, your choice should be based on your own needs. Once your needs are defined, it will be easier for you to find out which kind of piano will fit you best. First of all, let's explain what are the main differences between both pianos.

The main differences between acoustic pianos and digital pianos.

Acoustic pianos sound better

Digital pianos are basically electric-powered pianos which are supposed to imitate the sounds of acoustic pianos. The sounds are not perfectly imitated, and it is quite easy to differentiate the sounds of an acoustic piano from the ones of a digital piano. Digital pianos have no strings nor soundboards contrary to acoustic pianos. 

Furthermore, many digital pianos have fewer octaves than acoustic pianos, so not all the music scores can be played on all the digital pianos. For instance, you will hardly be able to play pieces of Chopin or Liszt with most of the digital pianos. 

These are the main drawbacks of digital pianos. However, electric-powered pianos can make amazing and cool songs that acoustic pianos cannot do, and it is a lot of fun. Nowadays, some digital pianos can also render the ivory-feel of an acoustic piano. Thus it is possible to say that the gap in terms of sound quality between both pianos is less wide than what it was before.

Buying an acoustic piano is a more expensive investment.

In general digital pianos can be purchased at a lower price than acoustic pianos. The most basic acoustic pianos are far more costly than the most basic digital pianos. Do not also forget that when you buy an acoustic piano, you have to tune it each year and piano tuning services are quite expensive. When you have a digital piano, you do not need to tune it. 

Acoustic pianos are more cumbersome than digital pianos

They are also less heavy and less cumbersome, so if you live in a small place, you should keep this in mind. Acoustic pianos are hefty. You cannot take it everywhere with you contrary to small and medium-sized digital pianos.

Digital pianos provide more sound possibilities

If you are a DJ or an electronic music composer, digital pianos will be your best friends. These are many sound possibilities with digital pianos that you might want to discover and use for your musical compositions. Your choice between a digital piano and an acoustic piano should be guided first and foremost by your needs.

.You should also take into account that some digital pianos allow you to play a piece of music by playing lit keys instead of reading the music score. Some digital pianos even indicate with which fingers you have to push each key. This is very useful for beginners.