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I can't find employees, what should I do ?

25 Dec 2016
Find Employees

Any entrepreneur knows how hard it can be to find the right employees. If you are fed up of receiving tonnes of irrelevant resumes and interviewing unfit candidates, we might have some useful bits of advice for you. Sometimes you have to change a bit your strategy to find the right candidates. If you cannot find the appropriate employees for your company, that means that you are probably doing something wrong. Here are tips for you to find employees:

Avoid mass-job posting websites

You will lose a lot of time to sort applications according to their relevance when you post on mass job posting sites. These sites will bring you many applications, but most of them will be totally irrelevant. If you already got registered to one of these websites, put it aside and focus instead on alternative ways to find workers. 

Visit universities

You can go to lectures and look there for talented students who are experts in your field. You can also offer internships to almost-graduated students and profit from the knowledge they acquired during their studies. This option will be relevant especially if you work in a highly technical field.

Use social media

You can definitely use social media to find workers. Social media are more and more used as recruitment platforms. On social media, you can join groups related to your business field, and from there it is possible to hand-pick people who will be a fit for your company. If your business is serious, you might have already a page on Facebook. If it is the case, you might post and inform your community that you are looking for employees. When you manage your presence on social media correctly, you are more likely to receive unexpected applications. On Gollgi, we match you with freelancers and job-seekers. You can find employees by using our platform. You just have to write down a keyword to find a candidate. 

Hire an agent to do the work

If you are still not able to find workers, you should hire an expert. Not all the agents are competent but some of them will easily get you, appropriate candidates. It can take a long time to find good employees, that is why it is worth paying for this service. If you know somebody in your field who has found employees with the help of an agent you might hire the same person to do the search for you.


When you have found some suitable candidates, you should always test them to verify their skillset. A bad hire can cost you a lot. It can also worsen the working conditions of the rest of the employees who will have to rework on things done by the new recruit. Once you test all the potential recruits, you can compare their work and select the right candidates. Tests should always be a part of the recruitment process.