list of electrical contractors

How to get a useful list of electrical contractors

25 Dec 2016
list of electrical contractors

One of Gollgi's aims is to help you find easily service providers at a price that fits your budget. In this guide, we explain how you can find an electrical contractor with Gollgi, and we also respond to frequently asked questions about electrical contractors. 

Where is it possible to find a complete list of electrical contractors?

You will have a hard time to find a comprehensive list of electrical contractors online. These are almost 200 000 workers within the Electric trades and Installation industry, and the three leading trade associations (the Electrical Contractors' Association, the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting, the Electrical Contractors Association of Scotland) represent only a few thousand contractors. The three largest trade associations in the UK enable you to look on their websites for businesses that are represented by them, but they do not provide any exhaustive list of electrical contractors, so you have no guarantee that you will receive results for electrical contractors that will suit your company.


Where can I find a useful list of electrical contractors for specific sectors such as the commercial and industrial sectors?

It is almost impossible for netizens to get such a list because of the reasons mentioned above and this is why we have decided to change this situation. Indeed, with Gollgi you can receive quotes from all the electrical contractors that are willing to work for you. We scour all the websites to give you the most relevant results. 

On Gollgi you can use for instance the keyword "commercial electrical installation" and ask for quotes from all the electrical contractors specialised in commercial electrical installation in your area. 


Where can I check the fares of electrical contractors?

Fares charged by electrical contractors can vary a lot between the different companies. For this reason, it is quite difficult to provide an accurate fee schedule, but you can effortlessly receive quotes from several electrical contractors with Gollgi. Once you fill the single page form, you receive quotes from companies, and we allow you to chat with them to find the best arrangement.


How is it possible to check the availability of electrical contractors?

With Gollgi you can send requests for several electrical contractors in a single time. Your requests are automatically sent to all the electrical contractors online, and the available companies reply with offers. With our search engine, you do not need to ask for several quotes on multiple websites. You can submit a single request which is sent to all the available electrical contractors.