reliable car mechanic

How to find a reliable car mechanic

25 Dec 2016
reliable car mechanic

Finding a car mechanic is not an easy task, especially if you are not an expert in the field of mechanics. According to the make and the model of your vehicle you will have different options. For urgent cases such as breakdowns, you might want to find a reliable car mechanic who won't take advantage of the situation to con you. Even for maintenance services you'd better know how to find an honest car mechanic to avoid some bad surprises. These are few ways to find serious and fair car mechanics, here are few tips to find the right automotive technician:

.Opt for car mechanics with certifications 

Certified auto mechanics are most of the time a guarantee of quality. They are not forcibly reliable, but they have enough skills to handle most of the problems that you can face with your vehicle so checking if a car mechanic is certified should be the first step.

.Ask your insurance company if they have affiliated car mechanics in your area

A good way to find a reliable car mechanic is to ask your insurance broker if they work with specific auto mechanics. Naturally, your insurance company will be more likely to accept the work of an affiliated auto mechanic. In most cases, it is hassle free to opt for an auto mechanic affiliated with an insurance company and most of the time there is a guarantee on the work done on your vehicle valid for several years. Moreover, many car mechanics affiliated to insurance companies work within a nation-wide network so you can have the work done double checked in another city when travelling if you still face problems with your car after the previous repair. Furthermore, car mechanics who work with insurance companies often provide loaner cars that you can use during the time of the repair.

You still have to be careful when you hire an insurer-preferred technician as sometimes it happens that insurance companies ask their preferred car mechanics to use cheap parts (generic or salvaged) to lower the price of the repair, so quality is not always guaranteed when opting for this option. Insurers will also prefer the auto mechanic to repair damaged parts instead of replacing them. 

.Check the offers of your manufacturer's service centres

Retailers of specific brands often propose repair services in addition to motor vehicle service. Manufacturer's service centres and dealers are a bit more expensive, but they are more likely to do a good job because they know very well the model of your car. They are trained by the manufacturer of your car, and they know all the parts of your vehicle. Opting for manufacturer's service centres is one of the best options for maintenance services regarding quality.

.Read reviews about car mechanics you would like to hire

A good way to narrow your search is to read reviews about car mechanics. If you find a technician with laudatory reviews, you might want to use his services. Angry consumers do not hesitate to leave bad reviews when they are not satisfied by a service. So if you want to narrow your search you can eliminate several car mechanics thanks to bad reviews left to them on the web.

Do not forget to:

  • ask how much time it will take to repair the car or to do the maintenance
  • read all the terms of the quotes that are given to you
  • if you have a breakdown cover contact the agents before phoning a garage if you are stuck in the middle or at the side of the road.