dentist near me

How to find a good dentist near me

25 Dec 2016
dentist near me

First of all, let's define what a good dentist is? Let's say that it is a professional dentist who knows what he does and who will not turn your budget into a pothole. For many people, a good dentist is also somebody who will do everything to avoid hurting them. 

Use your network 

Before beginning the search by your own ask your friends and relatives if they can give you referrals. You have probably friends who live not far from you and who can recommend some good dentists. You can also ask your colleagues if they know a dentist who has an office in your area.

Consult your dental insurance policy (if you have one)

If you have a policy for your dental care, you can probably refer to a list of dentists recommended by your insurer. They might not be all good, but you might find some dentists who work in your area.

Ask your family doctor if he/she has referrals

Doctors are most of the time able to recommend you dentists in your area. They have almost always some dentists to refer to their patients however you should always check what the customers of these dentists think of them.

How to eliminate bad dentists from your list

Once you get some referrals for dentists in your area, you have to check their availability. Some dentists are booked for months. These dentists can be removed from your list of potential dentists if you have an emergency. If you want to find out which dentists you should avoid we advise you to check reviews. Nowadays most of the dentists are active on social media. You can check there what their customers think about their work.

On Gollgi, you can easily get a rather exhaustive list of the dentists in your area who are active online. That might help you.