online piano lessons

Do online piano lessons work ?

25 Dec 2016
online piano lessons

Nowadays, it is possible to learn piano online. The web is overwhelmed by websites with tutorials for people who want to learn piano by themselves. Some of these websites offer lessons for all levels and ask for subscriptions. Others offer basic tutorials for free. In this area in which it is possible to learn almost everything online why should you refrain yourself from giving it a try?

These are the reasons why online piano lessons can be interesting:

Online piano lessons are cheap

Online piano lessons are cheaper than in-person classes. Monthly subscriptions will cost you around 10 USD (or the equivalent whatever your currency is). It is also possible to pay per lesson, and some websites offer very convenient prices. Moreover, in some cases, you only need a MIDI keyboard to put the tutorials into practice. A MIDI keyboard is far cheaper than a digital or acoustic piano. It costs around 100 USD. Indeed, some online piano lessons websites are compatible with MIDI keyboards. 

Online piano lessons are perfect for autodidacts

If you are the kind of person who learns faster alone, then, online piano lessons will be useful tools for you. With the tutorials of online piano lessons websites, you can learn at your own pace. Some sites even allow you to track your progress.

Online piano lessons allow you to learn specific songs

With online piano lessons, you can concentrate on the songs that you like and avoid the learning of pieces of music that you are not interested in.

Online piano lessons are more comprehensive than what you can think.

Companies that offer piano lessons on the web offer more and more complete curriculums. From theory to practice you have several lessons that can help you master piano keyboards. Online piano lessons are perfect for people who want to learn piano to arrange or to compose songs. 

In brief, online lessons can be a good way to learn the basics of piano, especially if you are an autodidact. It is also a good deal for people who have a limited budget. Online piano lessons are far cheaper than in-person lessons with a private teacher. Online piano lessons will help you a lot if, especially if you are a beginner but at a certain level you might feel the urge to hire a private music teacher.