cyber security for companies

5 best practices to secure your website, app

25 Dec 2016
cyber security for companies

Cyber security is becoming a big issue nowadays especially following the numerous attacks against popular websites such as Yahoo and Dropbox. Cyber risks are multiple and include business interruption, data theft, identity theft, fraud...When you run a business with sensitive data, you should always ensure that you are protected from cyber attacks.

1.Assess the security breaches of your website

These are several security testing software packages that you can purchase to assess the safety breaches of your site. These software packages will help you to find out where you should invest money for the security of your website (or app) and its users.If you are not aware of your site security flaws, you can check what are the biggest problems faced by business owners with sites similar to yours.

2.Use a VPN

To protect your business, you should also opt for a VPN provider that is specialised in cybersecurity for companies. Virtual private networks (VPN) secure your internet connection. Virtual private networks help you encrypt your correspondence. Hackers which intercept your data cannot read them. How does it work? It is a private connection that uses either a public network or either the Internet to enable its users to send and receive data between each other. Bear in mind that you'd better use a paid VPN instead of a free one since a lot of providers of free VPNs make money by selling the information of their customers (name, browsing information, behaviour...). You should also opt for a paid VPN to benefit from a real customer support. 

3.Train your developers on security issues

Bad coding can jeopardise your website or your app (apps are particularly vulnerable when it comes to cyber attacks). If your developers are trained on security issues, they can reduce the likelihood of cyber attacks. If your developers work on database written in SQL, for instance, they should know how to protect the data as much as possible (SQL injection is often used by hackers to steal data). For cyber security training, you have to hire a professional cyber security company.

4. Hire cyber security companies

If you are a victim of cyber attacks, you can receive quotes from cybersecurity companies on Gollgi. Hiring a cyber security company will ensure that you will be able to recover the data of your website and that it will be optimised against further cyber attacks. 


5. Adhere to a cyber security Insurance

Risks are better managed when considered beforehand. Adhering to a cyber security insurance is a good way to be prepared against cyber attacks. Nowadays more and more insurers offer this service. Cyber security insurances can mitigate the losses due to cyber attacks. It becomes apparent that more and more business owners will adhere to these policies to bolster the overall security of their companies.