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Gollgi Website and Application Privacy Policy

The Gollgi website and Application, software and services (hereinafter: "the Website"; "the Application"; "the Services") is operated by Gollgi Limited.

Gollgi does everything in its power to respect the privacy of users of the Website, Application and the Services it manages and operates. The terms of the Privacy Policy detailed below form an integral part of the Services' Terms of Use. All definitions and terms appearing in the Privacy Policy shall have the same meaning ascribed to them under the Terms of Use, unless context demands otherwise.

The way Gollgi uses information provided by the users or the way it collects information when such users use the Services, and the policy it implements, are explained below:

Registration for Services

Using the basic features of Gollgi is free of charge. However, Gollgi may offer in the future increased functionality, either unique or periodically, that may require payment. In those cases, a special provision regarding payment methods shall be published by this Policy.

As part of the registration to the Services (or to the unique features), you may be required to provide personal information, such as your first and last name, address, birth date, gender, language, professional background, and ways of contacting you, your email address, or your credit details. You don’t have to file them all but the mandatory fields will be clearly marked. As Gollgi requests only that information required for the services, for which you have signed up, you may be requested to add and provide further details for some services, which are required due to the nature of the service. Without providing the data requested in the mandatory fields you will not be able to register for services requiring registration.

As an integral part of the Services registration process, and as a condition for completing the registration process, Gollgi will be allowed to verify your identity according to the information you have provided as aforesaid. The information you provide when registering for Services will be kept in Gollgi's database. You are not required by law to provide the information, but without providing such information, some of the services may not be provided in full, or no service will be provided at all.

Use of the Information

When you use the Services, information on your behavior, the services you have purchased or sold, information or advertisements you have read in the Services, pages you viewed, terms you searched, offers and services you were interested in, the type of device you use, your computer's/device's unique ID, your operating system, information about the way you use the Services, the means of payment you used, the location of the computer you used to access the Services, etc., may be collected. Gollgi may keep the information in its databases.

The use of this information, as well as the information you provide when registering for various Services, if kept, will be made only in accordance with this Privacy Policy, or with the provisions of the applicable law – this, inter alia, for the purpose of using the services on the Services; buying products; sending updates on special offers and/or services; customizing the advertisements presented to you when you visit the Services, in accordance with your fields of interest; contacting you if necessary, for the information's analysis and for providing statistical data to third parties, including advertisers; for the Services' proper operation and development, and the improvement and expansion of services; as well as any other purpose, detailed in this Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use of any of the relevant Services.

You hereby declare and agree that all the information you shall provide and/or update and/or share to others on the Services is correct, reliable and accurate, and that you registered and/or provided the information in your own name and on your own behalf, and not in the name and/or on the behalf of any third party, excluding cases in which you are explicitly permitted to do so under the Terms of Use, including the Privacy Policy. 

Provision of Information to Third Parties

Gollgi may send you by email or by the notification centre of your device from time to time, information on its services as well as marketing and advertisement information – whether it is information Gollgi publishes itself, or information it receives from other advertisers for immediate mailing. In order to stop receiving such information, you may change the settings of your computer/device or request our service centre to stop sending you e-mails.

However, Gollgi will not give your personal details to any third party (if such details and information can be used to identify you personally), except for in the following cases:

  • At your request and/or with your explicit approval.
  • In any case, Gollgi believes that it is necessary to give the information in order to detect, investigate and/or prevent fraudulent, unauthorised or illegal activity, and/or to prevent serious damage to your body or property, or the body or property of any third party;
  • When you are selling or buying products or services to/from third parties by the use of Gollgi's Website, presented on the Services. In these cases, these third parties shall be given all the information they require in order to complete the selling/buying process, to manage the relevant content activities and to contact you.
  • In case you violate the Services' Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, or if you perform any activities which are regarded as being illegal in your use of the Services or in connection to it, or any attempt to perform such activities in these cases;
  • If Gollgi receives a court order ordering it to provide your personal details or information about you to any third party;
  • In case of any dispute, claim, suit, demand or legal proceedings, if any, between you and Gollgi.

If Gollgi organizes the Services activities as part of another corporation, and in case it merges with another body – it will be permitted to transfer to the new corporation a copy of the information collected about you in the Services or any statistical information it holds, as long as this corporation shall assume towards you the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

Push Notifications/Alerts

Gollgi may send push notifications or alerts to your device. You can deactivate these messages at any time by changing the notification settings on your device (IOS) or by changing your settings within our Services (Android).

Cookies or Data Files

The Services may use cookies or data files for its ongoing, proper operation, including the collection of statistical data on the use of the Services, verification of details, and customization of the Services to your personal preferences and for information security purposes. Cookies and data files are text files, created by your browser or device when commanded to do so by Gollgi's computers. Some of the cookies or data files expire when you close the browser, while others are saved on your computer's hard disk or device memory. Data files and Cookies contain various information, such as the pages you visited, the period of time you spent in the Services, where you reached the Services from, segments and information you want to see when entering the Services, and more. They are also used so that it won't be necessary for you to enter your details every time you are revisiting parts of the Services which require registration. The information in the cookies and data files is encrypted, and Gollgi takes reasonable precautions to ensure that only Gollgi's computers can read and understand the information stored in these files.

We also use web beacons to help deliver cookies and gather usage and performance data. Our websites may include web beacons and cookies from third-party service providers.

You have a variety of tools to control cookies, web beacons and similar technologies, including browser controls to block and delete cookies and controls from some third-party analytics service providers to opt out of data collection through web beacons. Your browser and other choices may impact your experiences with our products.

If you do not want to receive cookies or data files, you can avoid this by changing your internet browser or device's settings. To do this, see the browser's or device's help file. Blocking data files or cookies could lead to you not being able to use some of the features of the Services and, or those of other websites. In addition, you can delete the data files or cookies saved on your computer or device at any time. We suggest that you do so only if you are certain that you do not want the Services to be customized to your preferences. As data files and cookies sometimes make it unnecessary for you to enter user names and passwords, do not delete them, unless you are first certain that you wrote down all details required for using the Services in a safe place. 


When you first launch any features of our Services that collect location information, you will be asked to consent to our collection of this information. If you initially consent to our collection of location information, you can subsequently stop the collection of this information by changing the preferences on your mobile device. If you do so, certain features of our Services will no longer function. You may also stop our collection of location information by following the standard uninstall process to remove our Services from your device.

Third Party Services

Some of the services on the Services may be managed by third parties that use Gollgi's Services. These services are provided using those third parties' computers, rather than Gollgi's computers. When using these services, some of your device's details, personal details, or information about you may be collected. The use of this information is subject to those service administrators' privacy policies, and not Gollgi's Privacy Policy, and for this reason, we recommend that you also review their privacy policies.

Third Party Advertisements

If any advertisements are shown in the Services, then they are received from the computers of those companies. For the purpose of managing advertisements, these companies use cookies or other files with a unique identifier, which are included in the internet pages, and which are intended to assist the collection of information about the views and use of the Services. The information collected is not used to personally identify you, but is only intended to customize the advertisements you are shown in accordance with your fields of interest. The use of cookies and other files made by these companies is subject to their privacy policies, and not to this Company's Privacy Policy. If you wish to review the privacy policies of companies advertising on the Services, you can do this through their websites or applications.

Collection of Information for Statistical Purposes

Gollgi may collect and analyze information on the scope of the use of the Services, the frequency of use, where users reach the site from, etc. For the purpose of collecting the information, Gollgi uses different technologies which assist it in monitoring activity patterns in the Services, and enable it, for example, to examine how popular different Services contents and services are. The collected information is statistical in nature, is not used to personally identify you, and is intended for analysis, research and control purposes.

Data Security

In order to maintain the confidentiality of the information provided by the user when using the Software, Gollgi uses advanced data encryption technologies. While Gollgi procures systems and procedures in order to reduce the risk of unauthorised access to Gollgi's computers, these systems and procedures do not ensure absolute security. Therefore, Gollgi does not guarantee that its Services will be completely immune to unauthorised access to the information on the Services.

Right to Review Information

Any person is allowed to review by himself, or through a representative appointed by him in writing, or through his/her guardian, the information on him/her stored in a database. A person who reviewed the information on him/her and who found it not to be correct, complete, clear or up-to-date, may approach the database owner and request that the information be corrected or deleted. If the database owner refuses to comply with this request, he must inform the person requesting this in the manner and way set in the regulations. The person requesting the information may appeal, in the way and manner defined in the regulations, on the refusal of the database owner to enable the review of the information, and on the notice of refusal to correct or delete information, before a magistrates' court.

In addition, if the information in Gollgi's databases is used to personally contact you, on the basis of your belonging to a certain population segment, determined according to one or more attributes of people whose names are included in the database ("Commercial Offer"), then you are legally entitled, to demand in writing that the information about you be deleted from the database. In such a case, Gollgi will delete only the information it requires in order to send you Commercial Offers as aforesaid. Gollgi will continue to legally keep information it requires for the purpose of managing its business, including the documentation of commercial and other activities you performed in the Services, but this information will no longer be used for sending you offers. If, within 30 days, no notice stating that the information Gollgi was requested to delete was indeed deleted in accordance with this section, then you will be entitled to approach the court, in the manner prescribed in the regulations under the law, for the court to order Gollgi to do so.

Changes in the Privacy Policy

Gollgi may change from time to time the provisions of the Privacy Policy. If material changes are made in this Policy, in the provisions dealing with the use of personal information provided by you, then a notice regarding this matter will be published on the Services.

Law and Jurisdiction

Choice of Law and Jurisdiction: Sole, exclusive jurisdiction for all matters related to the privacy policy is given only to the authorised courts in the London district, and only the laws of the State of England shall apply to the use of the Software.