Mission Statement - Gollgi’s mission is to empower consumers in their buying process and provide alternative online exposure to existing and new businesses.


Gollgi is an online platform designed to revamp consumer choice and bargaining (purchasing) power. At Gollgi, we decided that buyers should dictate the sales process. Simply supply Gollgi with details of your specified item and Gollgi will return with offers from relevant sellers in your specified location. Pick and choose the offers that match your conditions then chat with the sellers to seal the deal!

At the same time, we at Gollgi want to help online vendors bypass online marketers and pagerank optimizers. We believe websites are overpaying for their exposure online and do not get the results they expect, but Gollgi is here to offer an alternative. By joining Gollgi, businesses can list their products and receive and respond to requests from buyers. All businesses can join and receive as many leads as they can manage and choose to whom they want to sell. Everyone can start their business in few minutes and grow with Gollgi.

Gollgi challenges the old system. We strongly believe that buyers should dictate the process of purchasing. Why? Because they hold the money. That means buyers define exactly what they wish to buy add the conditions of the agreement and seller can challenge or accept the request. Straight and simple.

Gollgi enables people and businesses around the world to harness the power of product searching and creating innovative solutions that make business deals more efficient. We transform information from companies, merchants, independent sellers and other sources into a real-time marketplace that plays a key role in how we acquire, purchase and interact with one another, empowering buyers and sellers decisions in a fair and trusted trade.